Eye Pics

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acquired pit of the optic nerve apon diabetic drance haemorrhage gonio goniolens haemorrhage iris root neovascularisation operculum optic disc optic nerve pre-retinal retinopathy tear tractional trauma ulcer acanthamoeba keratitis amd avastin bilateral central serous retinopathy clpc corneal foreign body, topcon dc-1 dendritic diabetic disc haemorrhage disc-coloboma drusen fluorescein, jelly bumps foreign body removal glaucomatous disc gonioscopy hypertension, retinopathy hypertension, retinopathy, macualar oedema iris transillumination defect ischaemic central retinal vein occlusion jelly bumps jelly bumps, contact lens macula, hole, tear, oct macula:hole membrane naevus, caruncle neovascular operculum papilloedema proliferative retina scleral contact lens subretinal tumour under lens fibre spiral vessel occlusion yag iridotomy diplopia
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